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By Katlyn Joy, eHow Contributor SharePrint this article Toe fractures are common injuries, often from stubbing them or tripping over things. Most times, a broken toe does not require a doctor's visit. If the toe is swollen, bruised and painful it's likely broken. If the break is severe, and you are unable to put on a shoe or walk on it within a couple days, you need to see a doctor for a possible cast or possibly surgery. However, usually all that is required at home is ice, pain reliever, and taping the toe to the neighboring toe.

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Ice the affected toe for 20 minutes, but use a towel. Never put ice directly on skin.
Determine whether the toe is an injury that can be taken care of at home or requires a doctor's visit. If there is pain, swelling and bruising, it is most likely a fracture. However, if the area is misshapen, or a break in skin has occurred, it may be a serious fracture that a doctor needs to see. Any injury to the big toe, or first toe, generally should be checked out by a physician.
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Place a clean gauze pad between the injured and the neighboring toe to prevent skin irritation.
Using medical tape, wrap the injured toe to the neighboring toe, keeping them straight and stable, but not too tight. If after taping the toes the pain increases, or you feel a throbbing pain, undo the wrap and start over more loosely this time.
Keep the toenail area uncovered by medical tape, to be able to watch the healing process and ensure that the injury does not have pieces of the broken bone not fitting together.

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